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  1. ACCC takes action electrical cable suppliers for alleged cartel behaviour
  2. Australian solar PV market contracts
  3. Australian Energy Future
  4. Chinese electrical workers.
  5. Vic licensing fee increases 2015
  6. Safety Recall - Atom 200VA Trailing Edge LED Dimmer
  7. Nearly 3000 jobs to be slashed in NSW electricity sector
  8. Solar trader penalised for unlicensed work
  9. Warning about some Clipsal switchboards
  10. National Plan for Asbestos Awareness & Management
  11. SAA Forum - Mines and Quarries
  12. ARBS EXPO in Melbourne and possible meet up after event.
  13. AS3000 Update
  14. The Future of Apprenticeships
  15. What a complete load of bollox
  16. [NSW] Level 2 Asp
  17. [SA] No Power in South Australia
  18. Man dies cutting copper water pipe
  19. [NSW] Updated Service and Installation Rules
  20. Quicklag breaker recall
  21. Esv prohibits RCBOs
  22. Clipsal classic/s2000 30series mechs to go???
  23. [WA] Discussion paper on apprentice supervision
  24. [QLD] Why the Electricity charges increased in Queensland - Know the Reasons
  25. PowerLedger P2P Energy Trading
  26. NSW - Cables are now declared articles.